Portfolio, Comprehensive Exam and Licensure

The completion of the M.Ed (TESL) does not give you licensure to teach in Massachusetts but rather gives you the option to pursue this at a later date, providing you have taken and passed the comprehensive examination.

Once you have successfully completed the ten (10) M.Ed. in TESL course requirements, there are 2 options for finishing your degree:

  1.  Submit a portfolio; which includes an introduction, summary of each course completed and an overall summary of program. (this is a pass/fail evaluation)
  2. Take the comprehensive examination (comps); which is a written three-hour examination administered at the end of the classes. (must be passed with a minimum grade of B-)

If you have no interest in pursuing licensure in the future then you would submit a portfolio. If you wanted to pursue licensure in the future then you would take the comprehensive examination.

In addition you must also have completed your commencement application form and sent the graduation fees.


Please see a detailed portfolio guide (including an example) in the form section on this website

Student Checklist of Portfolio Requirements

  1. Introduction
  2. A Summary of Each Course Completed Including:
    • An assignment, project or course experience that was especially meaningful to you.
    •  A self-reflective statement that discusses how the course contributed to your becoming a more effective educator and life-long learner.
    • How you plan to apply what you have learned from this course
  3. Overall Summary of Program

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination can be taken anytime here in Korea following the completion of the ten (10) courses. Students must first submit an application form to Framingham along with the correct fees. The exam paper will be updated and sent to Hanyang University who will proctor the examination on behalf of Framingham State University.  The completed papers will be sent back to Massachusetts to be graded.

The comprehensive examination draws on knowledge from the following classes:

  •  TESL 901 Language Structure: Phonetics and Morphology
  • TESL 902 Language Structure: Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics
  • TESL 913 Current Theories in Second Language Acquisition
  • TESL 948 Teaching Reading and Writing in the English Language Classroom
  • TESL 966 Seminar in Applied Linguistics: Language Planning and Multicultural Education

Here are the study guides and rubric to help you prepare for the examination (Spring 2016)

If you have completed all ten (10) M.Ed. TESL courses and passed the comprehensive examination then you can pursue licensure back in Massachusetts. In addition to the above, you will need:

·       A passing score on the MTEL Communication and Literacy test

·       A passing score on the MTEL ESL subject matter test

·       Identification of a placement site and agreement of a school Cooperating Practitioner

·       300 practicum hours in the classroom

Framingham State University can assist with the above requirements. There is currently no time limit in having to go to Massachusetts to complete licensure following the commencement of your M.Ed. (TESL