Frequently Asked Questions

I have never heard of Framingham State University, where is it located?

Framingham State University is the first public college for the education of teachers in the United States and is located 20 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts.

 Why is this program so cheap?

Framingham State University works with International Education Programs, Inc., a non-profit Massachusetts corporation engaged in education programs to educators and teachers living abroad, to offer an affordable M.Ed. for those working in an overseas environment. If the exact same program was to be taken on campus in Framingham, the cost would be significantly higher.

 Does this program hold accreditation?

Framingham State University is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC), as well as other national and regional agencies and organizations. The program courses are recognized and sanctioned by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

When are the estimated usual application start dates, deadlines and other program timeline-related things I would need to stay on track with?

The applications are ongoing and close when cohorts are filled; usually around 6 months before the course start date. Generally, one would apply a year before they would like to commence their studies. Applications generally closed for 6 months prior as the maximum class size is 22 per semester.

 Would the program at Hanyang University have timing concerns with the public schools if I continued to teach through EPIK while taking the courses?

The intensives that run during January and August coincide with the public school vacation periods. Many EPIK teachers take the Framingham MA and usually have no issues, although this cannot be guaranteed as some schools may operate camps at the same time. Hanyang can write an official document for your school as proof of taking the courses if this is needed.

 What are the main differences between getting licensed after the program with the 300 practicum teaching hours in Massachusetts or trying to find a job in Korea after completing the program in Seoul?

To get licensed you would have to return to Massachusetts to complete the MTEL’s and practicum hours. There are no differences to the M.Ed. (TESL) other than you would have the option to pursue licensure to teach in the US and potentially international schools in the future. You still get your M.Ed. regardless of if you complete the practicum or not.

 For completing the 300 hour practicum in Massachusetts and pursuing licensure, what is the time frame after getting the M.Ed. (TESL)?

There is currently no time frame in which you must complete the practicum in order to pursue licensure.

What do the class sizes look like on average?

The class size will be between 20-22 students.

For the two letters of recommendation, I will have a previous professor of mine in the US write one, and one of my current co-teachers here in Korea write the other. To my understanding, I would have both references send their letters straight to Framingham, is that correct?

References are usually sent directly to Framingham, yes. However, for references that have been written here in Korea, if they are in a signed and sealed (with tape) envelope, they can be included in your application pack.

In the letter of recommendation cover form, it has a section at the top for me to fill out and sign, but how should I do that in the case that my reference is in the U.S.? And, they will be mailing the letter to Framingham.

You can print out the reference form here in Korea and complete the top section which includes your signature. You can then scan and email/fax then form to your reference in the U.S. for them to print and complete.

 Do I have to apply to both Framingham and Hanyang universities?

Once students have been formally accepted to Framingham, they are also automatically accepted to the Hanyang TESOL program.  However, students will still have to officially register online at Hanyang using their digital banking certificate, I-pin and cell phone account.

 Does the program accept a foreign undergraduate degree?

An applicant with a foreign degree must submit official transcripts to an accredited evaluation agency. Course by Course Evaluation required. Please see approved list of Credentials Evaluation Services.

When would the courses be offered?

The degree program offers 6 courses to coincide with school vacation periods, normally during January/February and in July/August.  In addition, 4 courses will be taught over 20 consecutive Saturdays in both the Spring and Fall Semesters.

Are there library resources available for this program?

Matriculated graduate students are able to access the electronic holdings of the Whittemore Library at Framingham State University. Further details on this procedure, including appropriate passwords will be given to students once accepted to the program. In addition, while undertaking the weekend classes at Hanyang, students will have access to the on campus library.

After beginning the program, how does one request an official transcript from Framingham State University?

In order to request a transcript please submit the request in writing to the Registrar’s Office at Framingham State University. The cost is $3.00 per copy. Transcripts may also be ordered online.

 When would my graduation date be?

Degrees are conferred in August, December and May of each academic year.